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I Love Creating. And I Love Happiness. When I came to a cross-road in my life where I was 

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​​​​I Love Creating and I Love Happiness! I came to a cross-road in my life where I was working another job instead of creating what was in my heart, again. I decided to do what makes me happy which is drawing, painting, writing- really anything where I can create what comes from my heart and imagination. Creating Happy became my catalyst. 

I have been drawing, writing and making things for as long as I can remember and I have been practicing and living happy most of my life. I have over 30 years experience working in the arts with graphic design, illustration, teaching, product development and writing.

I believe that happiness is achieved through balance and thoughtful living and most importantly doing what makes your heart sing! I am so happy to offer positive images, inspiration and products that will promote and encourage happiness for you and your children.  From time to time, I will happily share products and services from others who offer things that I would use to create true happiness in my life.​

We are all here to make a difference and I will share what has worked for me on my way to Creating Everlasting Happiness. Thank You for joining me on this path to Creating Happy.

                                                                                                                From my Happy Heart to Yours, 


Debi Hammond


​Happy Practitioner