​​​​​​​You should take time to warm up before you begin drawing; to connect your brain with your heart with your hand! You can doodle anything you want, as long as you are putting pencil to paper. You can draw shapes, squiggles, wiggles and lines...just let your heart and your imagination show your hand where to go!

Please remember to use both sides of the paper.

Creating Happy Thoughts

While I am in my workshop, creating the best art lessons and tips for you please...

Practice Drawing Every Day !

Draw what you love, draw what's easy, draw what's hard, draw letters and shapes and of course doodle. Spend 5, 10, 30 minutes drawing something every day and it's my promise to you, that you will get better at it! (I would love to hear how you like doodling and practicing!)

​​As Always, Have Fun!

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​​The importance of Doodling

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