Happy supporters of The Blanket to date:

$100.00- Anonymous                     $250.00- Ron Berry

$250.00- Anonymous                     $100.00- Raine Benham

$ 25.00- Becca Hammond             $ 55.00- Farewell Committee

$ 25.00- Rob Hammond                $ 25.00- Kim Cunningham

$ 50.00- Erin Montegary              $ 50.00- Cecilia Entelisano

$ 25.00- Christy Powell                  $ 20.00- Athena Namprasuet

$250.00- Anonymous                     $ 15.00- Anonymous

$ 25.00- Danielle Biasotti              $ 20.00- Gail Montgomery

$ 20.00- Julian Saaiman               $ 50.00- Mike Hammond

$100.00- Sherri Lawrence             $100.00- Anonymous

$ 50.00- Cindy Berry                      $ 25.00- Jackie Berry

$ 10.00- Katie Gaston                     $100.00- Gail Leonard

$500.00- Sue Petersen                   $100.00- Ann Hammond

​Children from around the world have the same vision and are given something that they can use and share to help make the world a better place for everyone.   

​​Debi Hammond is...

The Blanket is available online at Amazon, Balboa Press and Barnes & Noble. I will begin reading this colorful story to children at various schools in the Dallas area soon. I have received generous donations to help offset the cost of publishing and to help pay for promotion. You can see updates on my campaign link above.

​​To schedule a Book Reading,

send  Debi an email and she will reply within 48 hours.

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​​The Blanket, A Story of Healing ​