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Learn to Draw

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I Believe Everyone CAN draw.

I've been an artist for over 40 years and I began teaching art more then 30 years ago. I noticed how many people, young and old would say, 'I can't draw'. And I would say, 'Of course you can!'

I think that drawing or creating anything has to do with the way we think and feel about the process. It's my guess that you have picked up some ideas about your 'ability' as an artist- ideas that are keeping you from drawing what you want to draw. I would like to help you remember that you Can draw.

You can download the first lesson FREE, to see if it's a good fit for you. And if you'd like to explore more Art Practices, email me at to get started.

Download this FREE coloring page to begin Creating more Happy now . As you're coloring, just imagine all the things you'd like to create. There's room to draw and write out your imaginings. Have Fun!


Create Happy Moments

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I started to add these 3 easy practices into my morning routine, one at a time, over a decade ago and they've made a big and happy difference in my life. Print this Free card to keep by your bed until these happy practices become happy habits.

I've been practicing happiness as long as I've been practicing art. In this guide, Simply Creating Happy Every Day, I put together 10 things that I practice, that have really improved my life. You can download this 11 page guide Free, to begin Creating more Happy in your life. InJoy!

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